Logging off users, determining spice connections

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We're using RHEV 3.1 running various Microsoft Windows 7 virtual machines. As display protocol we use spice and as remote-console remote-viewer over spice xpi. All virtual machines have the RHEV tools (3.1-9) as well as the RHEV APT, spice agent and virtio installed.

We'd like to log off the logged in users after a certain amount of time when no spice connections/sessions are open anymore on a certain virtual machine.

For this we'd like to determine the following things on the virtual machines:

  • Users logged in
  • Active user
  • Open spice connections/sessions

Is this somehow possible?

I did not find any RHEV agent (on the virtual machines the process is called "guestVdsAgentSerive - Ovirt Guest Agent") specific information in the Red Hat documentation, within the discussion groups or on any mailing lists. The only thing I found is this documentation on ovirt.org. According to this documentation the agent provides a list of logged in users, the active user as well as actions to lock the screen or logoff the active user.

But how are these methods/lists triggered? Is this happening via rhev-m (administration web portal)? How can one communicate with the agent (i assume over virtio but how exactly)? After looking through the source code of the agent the methods must be there but how to invoke them? Even the rhevm-shell does not provide any of these. 

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Kind regards,

Sven Osterwalder


Hi Sven. Thanks for your patience here. Still trying to track down someone to help out with this.

There's an open case for this now, so we'll be dealing with it through that channel. Feel free to keep this post updated with the outcome.