Oracle installation warning with 32bit/6bit RPM's

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Dear All,

I installed Oracle several time, Everytime I installed I used to avoid a warning which is related to 32 bit RPMs. My system is 64 bit OS, Oracle also 64 bit. Then why it checks for 32 bit packages during installation. RPMs which is checking by oracle engine is 32bit where as the same 64 bit package is installed in the system marked as passed. Is there any way to avoid this warning. Or I need to install 32 bit packages as well.


Thanks in advanced!!!


Whether you *have* to have the packages will depend on whether the errors are fatal or informational. If fatal, they you have to install them. If just informational, you just have to ignore the warning.

That said, just because the Oracle database is 64bit doesn't mean that everything related to the application is actually 64bit. Only real way to tell would be to use `ldd` against all of the Oracle-installed binaries and verify that everything they link against are 64bit objects. Often times, for big, complex packages, the some components remain 32bit if there's no specific need for them to be 64bit.

The following are the 32-bit packages that our Oracle folks have requested (and I believe was justified via an Oracle install doc):

ORAPKGS_32="compat-libstdc++-33.i386 libaio.i386 libaio-devel.i386 libgcc.i386 libstdc++.i386 unixODBC.i386 unixODBC-devel.i386"

We also install:

ORAPKGS_64="binutils compat-libstdc++-33 elfutils-libelf libaio libaio-devel elfutils-libelf-devel expat gcc gcc-c++ glibc glibc-common glibc-devel glibc-headers libgcc libstdc++ libstdc++-devel make ksh sysstat unixODBC unixODBC-devel"

We have not run into issues having these 32-bit packages installed.