can not restore or copy large database/files from the storage device. dmesg is spitting out scsi layer device reset errors.

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We cannot restore database, or even copy large files. The filesystems on storage keeps locking up after a short while of heavy activity. Everytime I start a restore or copy of the backup files, it will work for a while then hang doing nothing and I have to kill the login shell of the user running the command (kill of restore or copy process hangs that shell) to get the filesystem back.
I think the storage or drivers for storage are not quite hooked up properly there.
dmesg is spitting out scsi layer device reset errors.


Could you provide a little more detail about the storage subsystem you are using? Do you have SATA disks direct attached to a motherboard, a hardware RAID controller (like an LSI?) or something else? Which RHEL release are you running and what kernel is in use? Finally, did this problem just start happening?

When seeking help for a technical problem, it's difficult to provide too many details.

  • What RHEL version (and bit'edness) are you running
  • What database application are you using
  • What backup management system are you using
  • What storage system are you using
  • What type of storage connectivity are you using
  • What filesystem  type and/or storage-management system are you using (EXTn? JFS? XFS? AMS?)
  • How many files are in the filesystem; how many files are in the data directories
  • What size are the individual files
  • What diagnostics have you done
  • etc.