Application on client gets "Authentication Failed" from RHEL6

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I have an application that I am trying to launch from home. I also try hitting the http site of that application. The application launches and I put username and password and I get an "Authentication Fails". When I try to launch the application by going to the http site I get what I am supposed to. So I know its talking to the serrver. When I put my username and password it also gives me "Authentication Failed". I can SSH into the server no problem with regular user and root. For some reason I cant login to that application from home. Any Ideas???

Other Notes: 

I have SELinux disabled 

IPtables OFF

No Firewall

Wireshark traffic shows the server is talking just fine with client PC while the client PC is trying to launch the application. 

It is a fresh install on RHEL6 i think 6.3

Data was migrated from RHEL4 or 5 server. ( application was working from home then.)

Firewalls are properly configured. 

Logging into the sever is all good. launching application from work good, but launching application from home NOT good. What am I missing? 


Not knowing anything about your application (and SEL already eliminated), I'd probably start by making sure my PAM setup was the same/equivalent on the new server to what it was on the old server(s).