Is a SCSI Tape Drive visible to Guest VMs attached to a Hypervisor Host?

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I am converting to RHEV from vmware ESX3.  I have a SCSI tape drive on my currect ESX box that the locally running guest VM can see.  Is this also possible with RHEV?  If not, what are my options?


Hi Scott,


I'll see if I can find someone who'll be able to answer this for you.

Hey Scott - I'll apologize in advance for not being thorough on this response (first day back after Summit and I have a ton of catch-up ...)

I have searched on 'SCSI passthru' before to accomplish what you are after.  I do not recall if I found a solution that would work, or not.

I will try to revisit this thread when I get more time, otherwise - hopefully someone else can chime in also.

James, did you end up having any luck finding a solution on this one?

Everything I find continues to point back to the example at, which indicates this would work on KVM without and issue, but also requires a command-line modification.  (I found that KVM actually set a new record for the number of IOPs using SCSI-passthru). 

RHEV 3.0 allowed Direct LUN access as a custom hook, and then it was included as a feature in 3.1.

The oVirt documentation also references virtio-scsi which should allow the access needed.  Unfortunately I do not have the hardware to test/validate any of this.  :-(

Got it. Thanks for checking it out!

According to this article is not possible to do what the OP is asking in RHEV

Has any updates in the software(Overt/RHEV) Offer any support for High Capacity tape of any kind... This is a serious short coming

It is possible to add host devices to RHV virtual machines - more information can be found in the Virtual Machine Management Guide. If you are having difficulty passing specific devices through, please contact Red Hat Support for further assistance.