How Do I Remove Some Packages From rhn_check List Before Updating

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When I installed RHEL 6 last year I included the modules required to run an HTTP server.  Since then I have done manual updates to Apache to level 4.2.3, beyond where Red Hat is at the moment.  When I do a yum --check-update I get a number of hits on httpd at lower levels that where I am.  The result is that the httpd server stops working (wrong init.d/httpd, wrong config overwrites the current one, wrong Apache modules selected, etc).

I can't back httpd out because it is a pre-req to a number of other (unrelated, and in some cases unknown to me) programmes.

How can I block yum from updating httpd?  (and some other services in the same situation, like pgsql)

Any help would be appreciated!






You have a few options to deal with this, that I can think of

yum --exclude=httpd\* update

You can also make this more persistent by updating the yum configuration file, or the repo file itself (if you are using a custom repo).



exclude httpd*

If you later decide you want to update the package,

yum --disableexcludes=httpd\* update

I wonder if it is possible to be more specific for the update to include the package - I'm not sure if this works, but you could try the following:

yum --disableexcludes=httpd\* update httpd

Thank you James, especially for the very fast response.

The documentation for yum doesn't have the --exclude keyword so I used the long-form method with the yum.conf file.  I think this is probably the "proper" way anyhow, so it will work next time.  Worked perfectly.