B2B Gateway solution for SOA Platform

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Wanted to check if there is a supported B2B Gateway solution which is supported by SOA Platform ? Please let me know.





Do you have any specific B2B standards in mind, such as EDI, ebXML, RosettaNet, etc.?  Or are you comparing SOA-P with any other specific products?  Can you please give us more details so that we can answer your question more appropriately?


For SOA-P 5, please refer to the following guide to see which gateways SOA-P 5 offers:



For SOA-P 6 (SwitchYard) / Fuse, you can find what supported components are available in the links below:



Please note that SOA-P 6 is yet to be released, so the list of supported components is still subject to change.


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We are considering an equivalent product stack /platform component which can match webMethods TradingNetworks/MWS for the following B2B capabilities :

  • Trading partner profiles
  • Trading partner agreements
  • Document Types - e.g., EDI, Cobol Copybook, ACORD etc..
  • ASCII to EBCDIC and vice versa conversions (e.g., connecting to z/OS mainframe - <= 32kb and > 32 kb synchronous transactions)
  • Processing Rules for various trading partners (identified in wm as DUNS id and by document type). These rules also must include support for transactional integrity for reprocess and resubmit transactions.

I am looking for a separately identifiable module (containing design time and runtime components) which will provide the above functionality in the Redhat Middleware Stack (Enterprise Editions only).

Maybe  a B2B Gateway or a B2B module would be what I am looking for but havent found in the Redhat Middleware stack yet.

Hope this clarifies...