Getting started... which version of desktop to match production target?

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I just started my developer subscription trial, and I'm slightly confused as to which install I should download, mainly because I'm unsure of compatability levels. 

My goal is to setup a local dev/test environment that I can use, which matches a production target that is currently running RHEL 5.6. I plan to install an RHEL 5.6 server on my vsphere host for deployment testing, but I'm unclear if I should also run RHEL 5.6 on my developer workstation, or if I should install 5.9, or 6.4? (workstation, or client? what's the difference?)

Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated!


Hi Jason.  If your target is RHEL 5.6 you should develop and test on RHEL 5.6.  Your Developer Subscription gives you an entitlement for RHEL 5.6 server.  You should install 5.6 server on your development workstation and if you need a desktop UI, 5.6 server includes Gnome or KDE.


Brian Gollaher

Thanks for the reply!

I suppose I got overly excited when I read "Compile once and deploy to multiple Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions for maximum efficiency" among the listed benefits for the developer suite. Sticking with 5.6 it is. :)

I was not aware that the server installation included the X components. Is there somewhere I can look to see a description of the differences between server/desktop/workstation installs, besides comparing the package lists?