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We are considering moving to Red Hat full time over windows. We easily brought it up in our vMware environment and were able to install the GUI Desktop. As we bridge the gap between windows and redhat and familiarize ourself with the command line, is there some sort of administrative tool pack which can be either installed in the Redhat desktop directly or on windows to remote management of redhat to accomplish simple tasks like user management and file sharing and maybe  a web based apache manager.\

I kinow the command line is where the juice is but a bridgegap would be great.



For this discussion, I will assume that you are using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.  Similar answers will apply to other versions.

Some of the tools that you are looking for are installed by default.

To administer users, from the top bar, select System->Administration->Users and Groups.

Several other configuration tasks may be found under System->Administration or System->Preferences

More information on configuring the system is available at

Couple things:

  • You'll want to ensure that you load the "desktop" components. These contain many of the "system-config-*" GUI front-ends.
  • If you're using VMware or similar to host your RedHat VMs, you can use that framework's virtual consoles, but it's not a terribly scalable solution. Depending on your environment, it may not work well. In other words, you'll want to install some kind of remote graphical management frameworks to manage your RedHat systems from Windows:
    • As a long-time UNIX hand whose work-provided managment options are all Windows systems, I prefer to install an Xserver (Cygwin is great) on my management hosts and use XDMCP to get a remote desktop (if unencrypted connections aren't allowed, Xnest gets you around this problem)
    • Alternately, installing a VNC server on the RedHat box and a VNC client on a Windows box is a fairly matured alternative to X-based methods
    • If you want to go a bit more towards the bleeding edge, you can look at Xrdp - which gives you a way of managing an X-based system like a Red Hat server using native Windows tools (mstsc and/or tsmmc).
  • Alternately, there are a number of web front-ends to the various servers/services. Webmin is one of the more established ones.