ALTGR and spice and windows keyboard language.

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Hi group,

After we upgraded to 3.1 AltGR stopped working in spice.

Setup. Manager is 3.1.0-50.el6ev. Hypervisors are all 6.4 - 20130318.1.el6_4.
My desktop computer is Windows7 Enterprise SP1 (danish), Internet Explorer is version 9 - 64bit version.

When I connect to my VM's (running rhel 5 or 6 with danish keyboard layout), ALTGR is ignored by spice.

Now, I tried changing the keyboard layout locally on Windows7 from danish to US/English, to see if that was the problem. Now to my suprise, I have a working _danish_ keyboard layout with AltGR working when I connect to the VMs.

But this is rather annoying. Anyone else from a non-us/english keyboard country experienced this or have a suggestion how to fix?

Regards, Brian


RHEV 3.1 uses remote-viewer instead of simple spice client (spicec).

But you can use spicec to connect to machine using REST API or shell. Basically you have to get ticket, port number and certificate.

Some examples can be found here . NOTE: It's not official documentation.

Thanks for the input, we recently switched to 3.1 and didn't notice the change to remote-viewer. Just noticed the protocol is still spice.

I don't particularly want to use spicec. This is for me basic remote console functionality which didn't work in the earlier versions of 3.0, got fixed along the way, and now with 3.1 stopped working again.  The "|" symbol is invoked using AltGR on a danish keyboard, which makes using remote console pretty much useless.

I'll raise a support case.



Update. This is a known bug. Contact support for a dll-patch if you have the same problem, they might be able to help you as well. Fixed my problem in 10 minutes.

Excellent! Thanks for adding this update, Brian.