Meet GSS Red Hatter of the Week Yunyun Qu!

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Meet GSS Red Hatter of the Week Yunyun Qu! We are very excited to feature Yunyun this week on the Red Hat Support social channels. Learn more about Yunyun in her own words below and stay tuned for more from Yunyun throughout the week!

"Hello, I'm Yunyun Qu from China. I graduated from Ocean University of China in Qingdao and continued my master degree in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in Beijing. I'm a "Pure" Red Hatter as Red Hat is the first company where I have worked. I started my internship in Red Hat Global Support Services (GSS) in 2007 and I benefited greatly from the fantastic GSS China team. After a half-year study, my entire intern class and I attained RHCE certifications and I am very honored to be an employee of GSS China team since April 2008. The mentor/mentee program helped me to develop very quickly. The senior guys frequently share their experience and give lots of guidance and support, not only for the technical skills, but for the open source culture, how to work more efficiently, how to handle tough customers using soft skills, etc. That is a great treasure for me, especially at the beginning of my career. In March 2010, I transferred to the Support Relationship Manager (SRM) role and began a new journey within Red Hat. Within my SRM role, I focus on China mainland and Taiwan strategic customer engagement to work as a customer advocate to GSS for escalations and communications, ensure tickets are making forward progress with the right resources assigned, work with the virtual account team to share customer intelligence and account management planning, enhance the value of the Red Hat subscription and help customers to achieve greater success. It is a very interesting job and my two years of support experience has helped me a lot when handling case reviews and customer escalations. I have been working within this role for more than 3 years now and was promoted to Senior SRM this year.  

Red Hat GSS is a fantastic place where I love to work and be a part of the team. Roles are very open so you are pushed to challenge yourself and take advantage of opportunities to develop your own technical and communication skills to achieve your goal. I love to share my experience with my team and provide help if needed. The nature of thinking proactively has helped me to work more efficiently and gain more recognition. In my spare time, I love listening to music, watching inspirational and comedic movies, walking and chatting."

Stay tuned for more from Yunyun throughout the week!


We had the opportunity to get answers from GSS Red Hatter Yunyun for some of our most frequently asked questions...See what we learned and comment with any other questions you may have!


What service can SRM provide to customers?

Support Relationship Managers(SRMs) are a value-add no-cost resource offered to select customers to ensure their support needs are met by Global Support Services and by Red Hat as a whole. They can provide:

  • Work as a contact point in GSS with customers
  • Monitor tickets from an account level perspective to ensure tickets are worked according to SLA and/or action  plan.
  • Provide a single point of escalation and communication and ensure right resources are assigned.
  • Provide regular case review report to customers per customer's request
  • Send monthly newsletter (Support Insider) to customers
  • Call customers regularly and coordinate to satisfy their' requests according to support policy


What Is Virtual Account Team?

A virtual account team is comprised of the group of Red Hatters who are visible to the customer, usually a combination of Sales and GSS resources. Members of the virtual account team must collaborate in order to present a unified face of Red Hat to the customer. Sales participants are the sales representative, the solutions architect, and GPS consultants (if applicable). GSS participation will vary depending on the situation, but include TSEs, TAMs, SRMs, and/or GSS Management.


Is SRM available by 7x24 hours?

SRM is working in the official business hours - generally 5x9 hours. Please feel free to open a Customer Portal support ticket at any time. Your SRM will see the ticket when the next business day begins. If you have any urgent issues (severity 1 or 2) needing a quick support from Red Hat, please call Red Hat 7x24 production support hotline to open a ticket: When you open a ticket, please tell the support engineer you work with that you are an SRM customer and he/she will follow-up with your SRM about your ticket next day.

Can I raise technical tickets directly to SRM?

SRM is not a break/fix person. If you have any technical issues, please call Red Hat support hotline or access Customer Portal to open tickets. You can let your SRM know the ticket after opening it so that he/she could help monitor the case and ensure the ticket is going forward with right resources assigned.


If I'm an SRM customer, what is the way for me to do escalation when needed?

Red Hat has two types of escalation available in the standard Red Hat support process for all Red Hat customers:

  • If you feel that your issue isn't being resolved appropriately or that your issue needs a more senior resource, you may require a technical escalation.
  • If you feel that your issue has become more severe or should be a higher priority, you may require a management escalation.

No matter which kind of escalation you would like to raise, you could contact the following:

  • Regional support managers. You should inform your regional support manager any time you are unhappy with any aspect of your support experience.
  • Your sales representatives, Solution Architect, or Support Relationship Manager can escalate issues on your behalf within Red Hat. Please use this method also if you want to discuss support processes, explore options for improving your support experience, or organize an account review.