Can't access the LUNs.

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I have a shared storage which was working fine. Suddenly I have deleted my datacenter, cluster along with its virtual mechines. After recreating all these, I am not getting my storage which I have accessed before. It discoverd the luns, and allowing me to logged in. but not giving me chances to select my lun. (+) signs are dimed. I tried a lot. Please check the image I have uploaded. the last luns I am trying to get. other luns are not working as well.

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Sorry for being late to respond to this thread.

You cannot re-attach the old storage and start using the vms from that. If you want to recover the vms, you must identify lvs used by each guest, backup it up, create new vms and restore the lv. The whole process is too big.

Instead if you would like to create a fresh storage domain by wiping out the old data completely, you can do "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mapper/lun" to wipe out the lun (ctr + c after 10 seconds) and try to attach it again. You must wipe out the lun to re-use it for a fresh storage domain.