Faulty/incomplete event messages in RHEV GUI

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From the RHEV GUI in the "Events" frame:
"Host hostname.example.com was started by <UNKNOWN>."
Seems like it fails to get the username.
Another example of a weird event:
"VM <virtual machine> is down. Exit message: Migration succeeded"

Why does it say "is down"? The VM was online the whole time.

Anyone else seen the above messages?



Yeah, I've witnessed both of the events you describe, but I'm yet to report this up to engineering.

I was planning to take some screenshots upon the next occurance and create a support case.

I also see some of these <UNKNOWN>-type event messages and have already filed a support case.

There is a bug report for a similar issue which has a status of VERIFIED and a target release of 3.2.0.

Filing additional support cases can help the developers know of all cases where these messages occur.

What about "VM <virtual machine> is down. Exit message: Migration succeeded" ? 

Did a quick search on the bugzilla but didn't found it reported.

Support case 821119 filed to cover the misleading "VM <virtual machine> is down" event.

"RHEVM 3.1.0-50

Upon live migration of a VM, the Event log reports
"VM <vm_name> is down. Exit Message: Migration succeeded"
This is rather misleading as it implies that the VM is down (i.e powered down) when in fact it is not.
I assume this message is in response to the source hypervisor as and when the VM process is terminated after the target hypervisor has taken over control.
Either way, the event remains misleading and leads to confusion as to whether the migration was successful."


I shall keep you informed of progress.

I don't know if the patch for bug 862797 will fix that event message as well.

Looking at those events with Advanced View,  I have found that they are type 61.  It turns out that when I query events of type 61, I don't see a missing VM name in any of the messages on our server.

Great, thanks Richard!