No HA Option For Virtual Desktop (RHEV3.0)

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I have enabled HA for the cluster and fence one of the hypervisor nodes with running VMs to test HA. All VMs except a Virtual Desktop(WinXP) were restarted on another hypervisor node as expected. When I check VM's setting of Virtual Desktop, I don't see any place to configure HA.(For Server VMs, I can find it in VM Properties).

  1. Doesn't HA support Virtual Desktop?
  2. If supported, where do I have to configure?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Thurein, 

Currently in Rhev 3.0/3.1 there is not a option to set a desktop vm as a HA vm. There currently is a RFE open to see if this option can also be integrated into the desktop vm options inside of the Admin Portal.


Josh Carter

HA can be used only with Servers. The only option right now is to recreate the vm as a Server vm. You may also contact Support to check whether the current vm can be converted to Server vm or not by changing database entries.