Streaming Aggregator in a Clustered Environment

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I am using a Streaming Aggregator to aggregate the responses from one or more remote web services that are called from the ESB (SOA-P 5.3; esb v4.11). The web service calls are initiated from within the ESB using multiple HTTP routers.   Is it possible to use the Streaming Aggregator in a cluster and if it is, what might be involved in making it work in a clustered server setup.



I don't think the steaming aggregator will work in a clustered environment. That is because it's a stateful action, which are known to not work well in a clustered environment, where requests can be forwarded to any node.

There is an article on the topic of using the legacy aggregator in a clustered environment here, with some possible work arounds. I have not investigated if these would work with the streaming aggregator or not though.

Jason Shepherd

Red Hat Middleware Support