Workstations with Self Encrypted SSD

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We are looking at installing self-encrypting solid state drives in our high end workstaions running V6.3.  Does anyone have experience using these drives on their workstations?


Hi David,

what kind of self-encrypting solid state drives are you using? (Manufacturer/Model)

Do you mean solid state drives with hardware-encryption?

If I remember correctly, this mechanism is completely invisble to the operating system - so there _should_ be nothing RHEL/RHED has to do more in comparsion with conventional hard drives/solid state drives.


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Hi Christian,

Yes, I mean solid state drives with hardware-encryption.  Our security section has directed us to use these over the Red Hat encryption on workstations that will be in a physcially open enviorment.  We have been looking at the Intel 520 series and the Samsung 840 series but all practices we find are for Windows systems.  We are seeking information from others who may have installed this type of hard drive already.