Seeking tutorial examples for Rules as SOAP WebService decision points

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I have what I hope is a really simple question that I haven't been able to find information on in my rooting through manuals.  I did check the FAQs etc., but perhaps my search techniques need improving.

We are migrating our Business rules architecture from another platform to JBOSS BRMS and I am having trouble finding information on how to deploy a set of rules to the Server (JBoss BRMS 5.3 deployed to EAP 5.1.2), and then call them as a SOAP web service from a client application.  We have .Net clients that want to reuse our Business rules webservice(s), so I we can't use the native interface in the client app.

Does anyone know where I can find some really simple examples of

(a) how to deploy rules to the server

(b) expose the rules to a client as a SOAP webservice?




William G. (Bill)  Bohrer
BRMS Analyst, Architect, Author, and Admin
Texas Education Agency


Hi Bill

Apologies for the delay in responding to your question. I think it may be best if you raise a case for this as we're going to need some more information on this. I presume you've seen the documentation here [1] on but I'm not a BRMS expert unfortunately so I don't know if this is that helpful.

If you can raise a support case, one of our support engineers will be more than happy to discuss this further with you.