Cloning installed RHEL to a new server

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Dear All,

can you please advice how can I cloning an installed RHEL server to a new server ( I have a RHEL server that is installed and configured and I need to clone it to a new HW )



What is the RHEL version you are using ? if the server is booting from SAN please see can I boot a server from a replicated SAN LUN using device-mapper-multipath in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5?

If not then, it would be helpful for both of us if you open a case through Red Hat Customer Portal

Also provide the sosreport ( ) with it.

Thank you

Nitin Yewale

Basically, theres a large number of ways to accomplish what you're seeking to do, so, we need a lot more information about the source and target and the environment they're operating in.

If the two pieces of hosting hardware are identical, it can be as simple as mirroring up the root drive on the source system, yanking it out, shoving it into the target and powering-up (and do any requisite localization if you plan to have the source and target online at the same time).

Another question that might be useful to answer is "what type of backup infrastructure do you have in place?" Some backup solutions (like Symantec's NetBackup) offer a "bare metal restore" option (BMR). If you do a BMR-compliant backup of your source server, you can do a BMR restore to another system even if the hardware is very dissimilar (e.g., moving from an HP full-chassis server to a Dell bladeserver blade or even just moving physical to virtual).

At any rate, the "best" answer will rely heavily on the information you supply about the problem you're trying to solve.

It may depend on how much was configured for the original hardware.  It may be necessary to update /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-* files - if they mention HWADDR or static IP addresses.

/etc/udev/rules.d/* files may describe specific instances of hardware.


There are probably a few other files that need updating.