Suggestion: Link-Saving

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Is there currently an ability to save links to your portal profile. That is, if you've found a useful article (thinking mostly from the "Solutions" section of the portal), is - or can there be made - a capability to save links to those articles within your profile?

For me, there are plenty of times where I'm reading through the support portal and I'll find an academically-useful article. That article may not have immediate application to me, but may be such that I think that I'm likely to have practical use for it. Thus, it would be helpful if I could bookmark it to my RHN profile so that, if it ever does prove of practiacl use, I can quickly locate it rather than having to search of it. Bonus points for having such profile-associated links be auto-updated if the link-source is ever changed.


Interesting idea, Tom, and thanks for sharing. Have you seen this feature on other communities, and if so how do you like the way they have it implemented? Would love to see it in action and how it's being used.

Would also like to hear what others think-


I do like this idea - essentially having "favorite" content associated with your login profile. Thanks for the post, Tom.