Wired 802.1x machine authentication

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Hi there,

Anyone has any info on how to configure 802.1x for machine authentication?
There are only user authentication fields in network manager, and I cannot find any documentation for computer authentication.


Have you tried the the wpa_supplicant package? There are examples in /usr/share/doc/wpa_supplicant-*/ and several man pages you can read (wpa_supplicant.conf, wpa_background, wpa_cli, wpa_gui, wpa_passphrase, wpa_priv, and wpa_supplicant).

Yes I tried wpa_supplicant but there are no examples about machine authentication.

http://serverfault.com/questions/493039/how-to-do-a-computer-not-user-name-802-1x-radius-authentication-with-wpa-sup  describes the detailed steps but it fails too..

Hi Servet, I see that you have opened a case regarding this topic. Please keep us updated on the resolution of your issue.