rhevm-notification-service ?

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I just noticed that after upgrading to rhevm-3.1 the rhevm-notification-service wasn't running anymore. Also it wasn't included in the list of services provided by "rhevm-notification-service". So I added it, and enabled it now.

chkconfig --add engine-notifierd

chkconfig engine-notifierd on

service engine-notifierd start


But I can't find any documentation for this service. Is it a secret service we're not supposed to be running, or just lacking documentation ?


Hi Jan

I hit this too and opened a support ticket asking for the document updated and configure it as a service, as it always used to be.


This triggered a buzilla to get the document updated and corrected :-   https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=913611

There is reference to another bugzilla on the one above which I hope is to ensure its added as a service but alas it is private.

I did the same as you and added it as a service myself.




Hey thanks for pointing this out, Jan-Frode. I'll invite someone from the docs team to take a look.

I've updated the documentation, the change will be visible on the 3.2 documentation, as we are not currently doing maintenance on 3.1 documentation.

The topic now says:

Add and start the engine-notifierd service on the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager. This activates the changes you have just made:
# chkconfig --add engine-notifierd
# chkconfig engine-notifierd on
# service engine-notifierd restart

Thanks for bringing this up.