RHEVM: Change the default "Time Zone" in Initial Run ??

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Hi everyone..

Question for you....

RHEV 3.1.0-43

Is there a way to change the default "Time Zone" in "Initial Run" when creating a new server ?

The default is "(GMT-12:00) GMT-12:00)" but I'd prefer "GMT+(00:00) Greenwich Mean Time".

Can't see anything in rhevm-config.




Great question, I had wondered and wanted the same thing - it would be nice to have a default value that was user defined.

May be based on the value of  DefaultTimeZone in vdc_options table.

Can you please open an RFE to make this change possible via rhevm-config if it's usefule for you?

I opened a support case and was told by Vinay that its only relevant for Windows based VM's.   We only deploy RHEL VM's on RHEV but I will certainly open an RFE on behalf of all my MS friends.



Oh , this is worse that first suspected.

I've now found that when using an Export storage domain to move a VM between legacy RHEV3.0 to my new RHEV3.1 environment, it defaults the Initial Run Time Zone to GMT-12:00.  There is no option when exporting/importing to change this so when you boot the VM for the first time on the new environment it comes up with its clock 12hours behind GMT.   Even with NTP enabled, its too far out of whack to slew back.

This is v.dangerous for time sensative apps.

To ensure it comes up with the correct time we have to boot the VM to single user and use hwclock to set the correct initial run time then boot it multiuser.

Pain.   Support case raised.