FC Storage issues on 3.1.0-43

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Hi Everyone

I've encountered a number of issues when attempting to create Storage Domain's on my new 3.1.0-43 environment.  I've raised support cases for each but thought they maybe of interest....


From Webadmin, "Storage --> Edit Domain" shows ALL the FC luns both "Used" and "Free" in the datacentre. This makes it impossible to identify which LUNs belong to the particular Storage Domain. And there is no other practical way of finding out.
In RHEV3.0 , "Edit Domain" only showed those LUNs either "Used" by the particular storage domain and those that were "Free". This made it easy to identify.


A local disk is showing as an available lun to be added to a FC type storage domain in Storage --> Edit Domain even though in "In use" status is "Used".   This should not be possible.


Selecting the LUN ID check box in Storage --> Edit domain should select all of the available LUNs.
It does not. Selecting the check box does nothing.


System --> Storage --> Edit Domain  allows you to edit the name of the particular storage domain but does not allow the change upon confirming with "OK". Either you should be able to edit and confirm the change or not be able to change it at all.  (I'd prefer the former)



Storage --> Edit Domain shows some LUNS with "In Use" status as "Free" even when they have already assigned to storage domain and are no longer available. The "In Use" status should read "Used"




Appreciate you posting about these, Rich, and feel free to share anything else as these cases progress. I'll keep an eye on them also.

Quick update on these support cases :-

1. Apparently, a Senior Engineer says this is by design.  Asked said Engineer to explain how then are we to identify which LUNs are allocated to an SD ?  No answer yet.     Hmmmm...

2. Screen shots of the issue uploaded.  Currently being analysed.

3. By all account, selecting the Lun ID check box does do the biz behind the scenes but does not show in the UI that it's selected all the available luns. That's no good.

4. Screen shots of the issue uploaded.  Currently being analysed.

5. Interesting one.  This remained the case until I put the SPM into maintenance which forced it to delegate to an alternative hypervisor. Things improved. Did the same again and it cleared the issue. That can't  be right ?!


Will update as I get news...

Update :-

1. An RFE has been filed.  In my opinion this is lost functionality from RHEV3.0 and therefore regression.  As it stands, we have no way of determining which FC Luns are assigned to which storage domain.  Meanwhile, our VMWare colleagues laugh in our face.  :(

2.  3.  4.  Nothing new to report.

5. I think this one is related to another forum thread that I raised regarding the difficulty adding LUN's to an existing storage domain.  Still bing looked into.


1. This ones running and running.  I'm now told there should be a marker or tick to indicate which LUN's are assigned to the particular FC storage domain being viewed.  I've supplied screen shot to prove this is not the case.  Awaiting response from Engineering.

I was just playing with RHEV-3.2 beta. I can see a tick mark against luns used for the storage domain when I clicked Edit.

Good stuff Sadique. Thanks for confirming that.

Roll on 3.2 , eh!