Load ipset configuration on boot ?

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Has anybody found a nice solution to loading ipset configuration at boot? Seems strange that RHEL6.3 includes only the ipset command line utility, and not any documentation for how to create sets that will work after a boot..


Here's one suggested initscript: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=888571


I think you might have answered your own question. Mandriva and Gentoo are also doing this with an initscript.

Another way I could think would be to manage your rules with ipset save then run ipset restore as part of /sbin/ifup-local.

Unfortunately ifup-local is too late. It needs to happen before the iptables initscript, since loading iptables rules that refer to sets will fail unless the sets have already been created. I have a support ticket opened about this, will probably make it an RFE eventually..

Thanks for pointing at Mandriva and Gentoo, I'll check how they are doing it..