Mount of NFS-Shares unpossible

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due to a hardware problem our NFS Server crashed. Due to this crash we installed the NFS server on new hardware. We attached the the physical NFS drives to the new server - the drives are working well and all files / directorys are locally accessible.

The NFS Export shares on RHEV-M can not be mounted/activated/... and can not be detached. We are using RHEV 3.1

Is there a way to re-import already registered NFS-Export shares?

Best regards, Stefan Marleaux


Are you sure all file/directory permissions (owner:group 36:36) are correct ?

Yes. Ownership was ok.

The problem was that because of ungrafcefull shutdown of nfs server the resources wasn't in a "clear" status. We was able to stop all VM's and stopped als hosts in DC. The we stopped locally on the hosts the vdsm prozesses. Aftertaht we started again all and we was able to mount/activate the Export / NFS shares.

I think it was a combination of some different things which all together was responsible for our problem. May there ist somewhere a bug.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards, Stefan