RHEL 6.4 released? Why do my servers know it before I do?

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Dear Red Hat,


Why do I have to run

rpm -q redhat-release-server-6Server

to find a new Red Hat release has been made available?

If this would be come the case for RHEL 7, I would never be able to migrate.

Well it seems I missed the anouncement on the Red Hat Netherlands website. Still I find it strange not to have found it in yesterday's (20-feb-2013) newsletters.


Kind regards,


Jan Gerrit



The formal announcement for a new minor release sometimes lags a bit behind when the bits are pushed to Red Hat Network (overnight). A formal announcement is forthcoming today, but RHEL 6.4 is available! :-)




I found the announcement just after I started the discussion.

I run a satellite server in a test environment, and do satellite-sync's mostly by hand so I found the laptop that is connected directly to RHN doing an extremely long

yum -y update

Looked for the cause and found a redhat-release .... update.


Kind regards,



Jan Gerrit

Good to know!

Maybe my vmware problem is solved now :)

A document about the changes avilable somewhere?

Check out the release notes and technical notes at https://access.redhat.com/knowledge/docs/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/