Satellite 5.4.1 -> 5.5 on RHEL 6.4

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So it looks like 6.4 dropped overnight.  Just so happens that I had the upgrade from 5.4.1 to 5.5 scheduled for tonight. 

Has anyone done this upgrade yet? (Perhaps during the 6.4 beta?)

If I end up being the first to do so I'll be sure to post about it here afterward.


Thanks for posting this topic, Kodiak. Definitely would be keen to hear your experience, and anyone elses.

Your feedback regarding this would be much appriciated. Not sure I'd do it myself though, my experience is that RHN Satellite has historically often got broken during minor RHEL-releases.



My experience is not 100% positive.

Since a few days back I see the fast track channels getting broken.

I updated the Satellite software to 5.5 on RHEL 6.3 already, and updated RHEL to 6.4 the last couple of days.

See what Red Hatt support has to say about it.


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Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Hi Jan,


Are you sure you are not hitting this bug

Its the main reason I've not even looked at upgrading to 5.5 and will not till I see it fixed.

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