host is compatible with versions (<UNKNOWN>) and cannot join cluster

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Fresh install of RHEV and using version 3.1. I have RHEV-M up and running, however, when I attempt to add our hypervisors (HP BL460c Gen8) I recieve the following error message "Host [servername] is compatible with versions (<UNKNOWN>) and cannot join Cluster POC-DEV-TEST which is set to version 3.1"

The hypervisors and management server are running a base install of RHEL 6.3. I am not using the rhev-h ISO to built the hypervisors. I'm pushing the hypervisor packages over from the management box. Everything seems to go well, but when the hypervisors come back up I receive the error message posted above. 

I opened a ticket early this morning, but have not heard back yet. Any ideas for troubleshooting in the mean time?


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Is sudo configured on the RHEL host you are trying to add?

What is the case number you opened this morning?

I guess the more appropriate question I should ask is, are you using a customized sudoers file?

Take a look at this KCS article: 

While not a direct match, it could be you have something in your sudoers file that is not sympatico with vdsm.

Thanks for the article link. I'll read through it. We do use a custom/modified sudoers file. I was able to use this same type setup for a proof of concept, but with older hw and rhev 3.0. The case # is 00790272

That link must be to an internal article. I get access denied when trying to view.

Ah! Yes it is, my apologies.

I located your case and am looking at your logs now. Will follow up with you there.