Could we name the Red Hat Customer Portal something easy/catchy/etc...

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Most enterprise vendors seem to have a fairly short, easy to utter our and very identifiable name for their forum or knowledgebase.  Like PowerBlah, or BigFoo, BlahBar...

I think it would be beneficial if the RHCP had a simple name.  Fat Brain comes to mind, but has nothing representing Red Hat.  Perhaps David and Henry could open it up for suggestions, then have a poll.  Perhaps the winner gets a free developer license for a year? ;-)

Then.... a mascot... and logo... and licensing rights for superbowl commercials... (World Cup for the non-US folks out there!)

and.. if you are wondering why I would like to go this route, I find myself constantly stumbling amid my fervor to explain something as I search for words to explain where I had submitted a request from the community, or retrieved a useful response.  As opposed to simply saying - "ya, there was a post on bigadmin that was really helpful".


>> As opposed to simply saying - "ya, there was a post on bigadmin that was really helpful".

"BigAdmin" has a ring to it, James! And although I'm not sure that our brand team would go for that one in particular, I like where you're going here. Maybe others can chime in with some suggestions. 

Super Bowl ads- with the recent ads still in my mind, we could have some fun there :)

Love the idea James, and would be interested to hear what others come up with!

"Brain Dump" comes to mind, but not sure that Marketing would go for it :-)

Although, we could put a red hat on a brain for a logo...

Somehow I can't see that one flying ;)

Indeed.  "Red Hat Customer Portal" and "Red Hat Customer Private Communities" really don't roll off the tongue.


Alternate suggestions:

  • The Red Zone
  • Hatty
  • ShadowZone
  • The Red Hat Community (since we're so big on that term)
  • Dynamic Synergized Online Electronic Collaboration Hub
  • Fred
  • OpenPortal
  • Portal of Love
  • RHGateway
  • RH Interwebs
  • Tha Interwebs

I don't know how I did not see your reply sooner (sorry!).  Anyhow.. BigAdmin is taken - but your response exemplified my point:  you heard a buzzphrase and it stuck ;-)  I look forward to a time when someone is discussing an issue and a peer exclaims "did you post to... <blah>?" and the Red Hat Customer Portal is the definitive go to, first thing to roll off your tongue response to a question.



  • Portal of Love


I don't know about that one.

But I'd definitely love to have a catchier title for the community component of the Customer Portal, and all suggestions are welcome! 



Obviously I like the Shadow+[:word:] pattern


And for mascot, simple.  Co-opt James' avatar, Tux in a Shadowman Fedora

I like the Shadow- pattern too. Sadly I believe Tux is off the table as he's more of a general mascot for Linux.