Satellite Certificate Expiration enhancement (24-day restricted period added after 7-day grace period)

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You wake up on Monday morning and head into work. You have your coffee in your hand when you pull up your Satellite server to check on the weekend's patching cycle. The dramatic music is cued as the coffee cup slips from your hand in slow motion and crashes to the floor. Good Grief. The patching didn't complete because our Satellite certificate has expired!

OK, so maybe that's a little melodramatic. But it can cause issues when you don't have access to your system updated from Red Hat.

Previously, you had a 7-day grace period after the Satellite Certificate expired just in case you had an issue with activation.

Now, Red Hat has added a 24-day "restricted" period of limited access after the grace period before the Satellite server becomes unavailable.  You can still log into the Web UI or use the API to change entitlements or channel subscriptions if any adjustment is needed in order to activate a new Satellite Certificate.  This will apply for all Satellite 5.4 and 5.5 systems.  More details can be found on the following solution: "How and when does an RHN Satellite certificate expire?"


That is a great response from Red Hat for this issue.  A non-operational Satellite server is a pretty serious ordeal in our environment - so, having this fallback is a welcome addition.


Thanks for the update Jamie!