Channels dont show up in Satellite GUI

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Hi ,

I have installed Satellite software , with below command --disconnected --answer-file=/root/answers.txt

I used PostgreSQL database . Everything works fine , I get login prompt , i created "satadmin" user .

I have imported the channel content with below command

satellite-sync -m /sat-rhel6-content -c rhel-x86_64-server-6 


Here too everything goes fine , in the end i get message saying "Import complete "

But when i login to the WEB portal , it doesnt show me those channels .

Can you help me to rectify the problem ?

Do i have to manually update db or something like that ? If yes , the exact command syntax will help .


Hi Prakash,

Confirm whether RHN Satellite entitlement certificate is activated properly by accessing bellow link using satellite administrator user ie: satadmin

You should be able to see different channel families listed on this page.

Try to re-activate satellite certificate

# rhn-satellite-activate -vvv --rhn-cert=/path/to/certificate

Now try to login to satellite webui and confirm whether you can see synced channels or not.

- Ashish