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1.    In my Red Hat customer Portal, If I have the setting "Auto Errata Update" set to yes, -correct me if I am wrong- the system will automatically update any updates. It is my understanding that glibc and kernel changes will need a restart. if the updates are applied because the setting is set to yes, how will I know it needs to be rebooted. Will it do it itself? Can I reboot it from the customer portal? Sorry I am fairly new to red hat in general. 

2. is it safe to leave "Auto Errata Update" to yes in a production environment? 





Hi Joseph,

I do not believe the system will automatically reboot itself should a glibc or kernel update come down.

Please see the following excerpt with regard to your second question:

Auto-errata update

    If this box is checked, available errata are automatically applied to the system when it checks in. This action takes place without user intervention. Customers should note that Red Hat does not recommend the use of the auto-update feature for production systems because conflicts between packages and environments can cause system failures. The Red Hat Network Daemon must be enabled on the system for this feature to work.

I would advise having a separate test environment on which you can test updates prior to placing them into production, to ensure the updates do not interfere with anything running in your production environment.


Thanks Chris that is exactly what I was wondering.