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because of a mistake from me I hat to reinstall a data center. The reinstallation works well. But it is not possible to import my old VMs which I have exported before the crash/reinstallation.

Every import of a VM ist stopping with the error message "VM abc: Mac Address xyz is in use." (abc=name of VM, xyz=used MAC address).

I'm sure that all used MAC addresses will be stored in the db. But how can I import my old VMs? We need the old MAC addresses because there products licenced to the MAC address running in VMs.


Best regards, Stefan



The following knowledge base article will allow you to import vms with duplicate mac addresses then you can change them with the admin portal.



Josh Carter

Hello John,

thanks for your hint.

I did it yesterday in a different way. I opend a connection to the database and deleted the "wrong" record in the corresponding table. I think my main problem was that because of the recreation of my data center not all old records was correct deleted. In the database I found all VM. As I deleted the records the import was possible. My luck was that I had done a backup before. So I lost no data.


Stefan Marleaux