Uploading custom packages to rhn.redhat.com to make available to our satellite server's OS?

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For enterprise management, we maintain a number of in-house helper applications and customized NRPE, Nagios checks, etc in binary RPM format.  These are easy to apply to all of our hosts via the RHN satellite thanks to custom channels and rhnpush.  

Unfortunately since our satellite is registered to rhn.redhat.com for it's own package upgrades, our custom channels on the rhn-satellite are not accessible to the underlying OS running our satellite server.  

I see it's possible to define custom channels in the management interface of rhn.redhat.com, but I don't see how rhnpush could upload packages into these channels when it's all hosted on rhn.redhat.com.  I don't see anything in the docs for making custom packages available via custom channels defined in rhn.redhat.com either.  Is this possible? 




Custom channels on RHN Hosted can be used to push custom packages only through RHN Proxy.  Without having a RHN Proxy you cannot push the custom packages into custom channels on RHN Hosted and make use of Custom Channels.

We also have a knowledgebase solution - Can we use rhnpush to push custom packages on RHN Hosted (Classic) ?


If you are really looking to subscribe your RHN Satellite to the custom channel so that it can fetch custom packages from it then we do have a way with which you can subscribe the RHN Satellite to the custom channels created on itself (self-subscribed Satellite).

This would involve registering the RHN Satellite on itself, subscribing it to the custom channel as well as cloned RHEL & Satellite channel to fetch RHEL, Satellite and Custom packages/erratas. Details on how to configure such a setup are mentioned in knowledgebase solution : How to subscribe RHN Satellite to a Cloned or EUS base channel without de-activating it as RHN Satellite ?

I hope this answers both questions which you had - how to use custom channels from RHN Hosted as well as a way to subscribe RHN Satellite to custom channel. But yes it doesn't provide an easy/direct way to subscribe Satellite to custom channel.


Thanks very much for the replies, Paresh.

Hmm, it looks like those KB solutions may have been de-published?  I'm getting the RedHat "Access Denied" page from those links.

Those were published. Anyways I have re-published them. Can you check now ? If you still get the same error then I will check with the portal team.


Fair enough.  Thanks for republishing.  We may look into registering the satellite to itself at the next upgrade, but it may be simpler for us to just stand up a yum repository and add it to the satellite's yum.repos.d in order to pull OS updates of our in-house app baseline.

Thanks very much for the replies!

You don't need anything so complicated. Export the channel as a standard YUM repository that your SAT host or frankly any host can use. I wrote a script to re-assemble the YUM repository. http://pastebin.com/download.php?i=UUmcF4yT

And here are some example REPO files sections.


name=EPEL RHEL6.x (x86_64)








name=RHEL5.9 - Server (x86_64)







name=RHEL6.x - Server (x86_64)