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Was using one of the Groups forums, this morning. Someone had posted an discussion that had a networking component to it. Over in the suggested/related knowledgebase links section of the page was a link that was supposed to take you to a Knowledgebase article on bonding setup. I'd wanted to give it a peek to see which bonding topics it touched on. Unfortunately, instead of getting a Knowledgebase article, I got the following, instead:


Access denied

The document you are attempting to access has not yet been published or has been removed from the Red Hat Customer Portal. Documents may be removed if the content is found to be outdated, duplicated, or no longer necessary.

Please try searching the Customer Portal for the most current, published information.


Is there any way to modify whatever is creating the suggested links to not put broken links in the link-list?


Hi Tom,

Sorry you ran into this, and thanks for pointing it out to us! We're resolving the problem now.