Windows 2003 as a SPICE client

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When I try to login to user portal and run console from Windows 2003 machine, I get an error in virt-viewer program:


controller connection failed. Error setting integrity: The specified datatype is invalid

Has anybody seen similar behavior? What could this mean? I took a look into the logs (engine.log and server.log in /var/log/ovirt-engine folder) - but they didn't show anything relevant while I was trying to connect to console. 

Thank you for any advice. 


I have not attempted to actually connect to a Windows-based VM.
That said:  did you install the RHEV tools in the VM?  I believe there are 4 spice packages in the Tools ISO (2 x 32-bit and 2 x 64-bit).


Edit:  I just realized... you were trying to connect to a Spice-based VM while on a Windows machine?  There is currently no Windows-based spice-xpi client (I believe).  Therefore you will have to switch the VM to use VNC and use a VNC-client.

Sorry about the confusion.

 James, thank you very much for answer.

Actually, I'm trying to connect not into VM directly, but I'm trying to access VM's console - by logging into User Portal. And, it is supported on windows machines - at least, on win7.

To clarify the scheme once more:

I have a PC with Win2003 installed and from it I'm logging into portal (using IE8). There I have one virtual desktop assigned and try to connect to it.

When I do the same from Win7 - everything is fine. So, the actual question was - maybe, somebody already faced this issue and either can confirm that this is non-working scenario, or can confirm that he successfully used win2003 to connect t ovirtual desktop console.

Have you disabled Enhanced Security in IE? You can also try to verify network connection using:

telnet <hypervisor_host> <spice_port>

You can find spice using "ps aux | grep <machine_name> | grep --color port" on hypervisor

Yes, enhanced security mode is disabled, and network connectivity is fine. I tested from two different 2003 machines - same result.