Trying to move VM's from local storage to iscsi

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We finally got a two node cluster working.  Can create, run, and migrate virtual machines on the iscsi domain.

We have some VMs that were created when we were experimenting that are on local storage.   I've read:

But I just can't seem to figure out how to do this.   Assume that I have nodes A and B in an iscsi cluster.

I take A down for maintenance and have it join the local DC for that node. 

Then bring A out of maintenance.

At this point,  I *think* I should create a Export/NFS domain... but I am lost from that point on. 


You will have to bring up the host with the local storage, in the localstore DC, then create an NFS export, and attach it to that DC, and export your VMs.

After that, detach the export domain from the local storage DC, attach it to the iSCSI DC, and import VMs

You have to use an nfs share from a third box (nfs server) or from a storage box like NetApp. You have to use that share to create an export domain and export vms to that share. This export domain can then be attached to the other iscsi data center to import those vms.

Using an NFS share from one of the hypervisor box is not supported and may not work as expected.