Looking for Feedback: What can we do to improve Satellite Documentation?

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Hello everyone,

The Red Hat Documentation team is looking for feedback to improve the Red Hat Network Satellite documentation, with a focus on the Getting Started Guide and Reference Guide:

If you have any thoughts/suggestions re questions below or Satellite documentation in general, we would welcome and appreciate your input!

1. In your opinion, what should be IN the Reference Guide and Getting Started Guide?
    - what information did we miss when we made this
    - what do you need to see when looking at the Reference Guide and Getting Started Guide

2. What should be removed from the Reference Guide and Getting Started Guide?
    - what information looks incorrect and should be removed
    - what information is not helpful and/or may be confusing

3. Which topics needs "tightening up"?
    - not quite removal candidate but needs more information or improvement


I would like to see a more detailed discussion regarding Satellite Master and Slaves, with some discussion on deployment scenarios for their use.

Also not directly related to documentation, would Red Hat consider setting up a repository (maybe a github) for API scripts that users have developed for Satellite?



Exactly what I was thinking Cary. There are little to no examples of how to use the Satellite API which IMO is a great feature. I would love to see a repository of simple script examples for beginners as well as more creative scripts developed by the community.

Good points! Thank you Cary and Chris for the feedback.

1) Master-slave set-up: is there something specific you'd like to see expanded or added under https://access.redhat.com/knowledge/docs/en-US/Red_Hat_Network_Satellite/5.5/html-single/Installation_Guide/index.html#chap-Installation_Guide-Inter-Sat_Sync ?

2) RHN API script examples: there are some under the official documentation:



...and more in Spacewalk.  Will look into either adding more examples or if would be possible to have a repo. Are there some specific calls or areas in RHN API that you'd like to see more examples on?

I think that the content/concepts of the white paper "Best Practices for Deploying and Managing Linux with Red Hat Network" should be included somewhere in the regular documentation.

The document is at http://www.redhat.com/f/pdf/rhn/WHP0008US_RHN.pdf - it is rather old (dated July, 2005) and would definitely need some freshing up.


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Thank you Lee - white papers tend to be contributions from the field as opposed to official Documentation which are tested and maintained by the product team, but there's definitely interest and benefit to more general best-practice guidance in the documentation, will look into it to see what we can include and freshen up...

Definitely more API sample scripts.  I like the github idea that the community can contribute to.