Samba 4 as Active Directory with RHEV

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Hi guys,


Did anyone already tried to hook up Samba 4 Active Directory to RHEV (as a replacement for Microsoft Active Directory or IPA)?

I didn't find time to test it yet.


-- Vincent


Nope dear,

But I have completed with Samba 3. I also wanted to know is there any one. Need some noise please.



Can you folks shed some light on the process you used to configure with Samba? 


The documentation indicates IdM/IPA, AD and RHDS as the options - specifically for the rhevm-manage-domains command.

Did you simply configure an AD domain using Samba and then use the AD procedure?

I have no interest in doing this myself, but I am extremely curious how difficult it was ;-)

Dear James,

I used two methods for domain. One using only Samba, another one is SMBLDAP.

See you can configure RHDS, It will give you a AD flavour . But with Samba or SMBLDAP its kind of complex. Customer want a simple solution like AD. I will say it is not complex, I configured Samba for user authentication not only for windows any unix mechine will use same credentials for authentication.




I managed to hook up Samba 4 (as an Active Directory) to the RHEV Manager. It was just like adding aan MS Active Directory. Nothing special (!!)

I did not heavlily test this, but:

- this worked without any error:

rhevm-manage-domains -action=add -domain=demo.local -user=rhevm -provider=ActiveDirectory -interactive

- I can select the demo.local domain on the (portal) logon page.

- I can search for users in the demo.local domain within th RHEV Manager Webadmin.

- I can login and open a spice session to a VDI.


For this testing I used the Samba 4 appliance from SerNet (