RHEV API - do you prefer Python or Curl?

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My work thus far has been with the Web Admin Portal and I am not attempting to become more effecient by using the API for repeatable tasks.

I am wondering which method you use to manage your RHEV environment from the command line?  And why.

Using curl with XML files seems reasonably straight-forward, but whenever I am attempting to do something outside of the scope of the basic documentation I have found, I find it challenging to figure out the syntax.  For example, I have figured out how to create a new VM based on a template (using curl and an XML file) - however, I am now struggling to figure out how to attach an existing ISO to the VM.  When I research how to attach an ISO, I find a bunch of Python examples.


Thanks in advance!


I've started using the SDK, and I'm loving it - much easier and faster than even the API

Thanks Dan - I always appreciate when you provide insight ;-)


I was not aware there was an SDK available.  Are you referring to this - http://www.ovirt.org/SDK ?

Since I am not proficient with Python, I think an IDE is a good way to go.  Thanks for the tip - I am looking forward to becoming familiar.


I learned the SDK by having two windows open - one was a firefox window open on the api XML views in RHEV-M, so I can see what goes where, and the other - an interactive ipython shell (because ipython provides tab completion) with the SDK modules imported. This way, I could pretty much go anywhere in a RHEV system using the SDK and do anything, try out any command or a loop with a set of commands, before I add the command in my scripts.