Is All In One (AIO) for RHEV in the plans?

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I was reading upstream ovirt and can see that there is work to have a RHEVM with vdsm to be able to manage and deploy on the same node:

Will this be making its way to RHEV as well?   Seems like a good feature, especially on very robust hardware.


It's already there, but only for non production use cases like demonstrate RHEV.

See details at

I run an All In One install of RHEV 3.1 (used the all-in-one plugin).  I did a 'yum upgrade' and a 'rhevm-upgrade', now the web interface is gone. I'm looking into this, but maybe I should not have ran the upgrade on an All In One install?

(just a quick question, no intention to hijack this discussion)

sounds like a support case candidate to me, to investigate why this happened. 

I like to, but: "Red Hat's Global Support Services will not accept issues reported on this tool"

I started a new discusion with my question: