RHEVM: RHEV3.1 Spice client (virt-viewer) compatibility issues

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Hello again

I've hit an compatibility issue with the RHEV3.1 and 3.0 Spice clients.

Not through choice, we have to use Internet Explorer as our browser access RHEV-M.
Since we have been running just RHEV3.0 this has not been particularly an issue.
However, since we are now deploying RHEV3.1 we're now hitting a problem accessing VM consoles using Spice.

Upon clicking the console button for the first time on the RHEV3.1 manager, I noticed that it downloaded and installed
virt-viewer_0.5.3 on my Windows desktop. The console failed to start.

Not only that, now when attempting to access a VM spice console via the RHEV3.0 manager instead of stating a spice session , it
instead starts a "view-viewer" session which I suppose is fine except that the cursor release buttons (in my case configured as
Ctrl-Alt) no longer work and focus gets stuck on the console.

To get around this, I've had to remove virt-viewer that comes with 3.1 and re-install the spice client that comes with 3.0
Of course, now I can only access VM consoles in 3.1 via VNC which is far from ideal.

Any suggestions ?



I have a bit more info for you on this topic.

I accessed my 3.1 Manager from a fresh Windows desktop using IE and I was able to get a console session but again was unable to release from the session using my defined keys (Ctrl + Alt).   I redefined the release keys back to the default (Shift + F12) using rhevm-config ,  restarted ovirt and I'm now able to release from the console session using these.

The problem appears to be in defining your own console release keys and the new "virt-viewer" based Spice client within RHEV3.1.

Can you confirm ?     Thanks


This response Tim Walsh (GSS) :-


Hi , I tried the rhevm-config -s SpiceReleaseCursorKeys=ctrl+alt and restarted the server ( service ovirt-engine restart ). I noticed immediately that the title bar in the window indicated the correct key for mouse. The keystrokes worked flawlessly using a Fedora 17 client but failed as you have indicated using Windows. Using ctrl+alt in a Windows spice client does appear to be ignored. This will require some further investigation.

Tim Walsh Senior Support Engineer Global Support Services

As suspected, the "virt-viewer" varient of the Spice client that ships with 3.1 does not properly support user defined console cursor release keys via Internet Exploder.

Will update with news as I get it.

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Hi Davis, I checked the bugzilla for this problem https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=851090

The bugzilla record indicates this is fixed in spice-gtk-0.14-5.el6.

At this time I am not sure when this will translate to a release version.

Tim Walsh Senior Support Engineer Global Support Services