RHN Satellite Incremental Update Questions

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I run RHN Satellite in disconnected mode and download all my updates/content.  What happens if I miss an incremental update for Satellite content?  Will my software be out of sync and eventually lead to dependency issues?  The reason I ask is this has happened before where an incremental update was missed and we needed to download individual RPM's to alleviate dependency problems. This developed into an administrative pain.

If anyone could shed some light on the incremental updates that would be awesome!


If you do not sync channel from incremental content ISO's made available on RHN, then satellite will be out of sync as newly released packages will not be available on satellite. But it will not cause dependency issue.

As you are facing dependency issue then it might be metadata/cache issue, you can try steps mentioned in bellow article to re-generate metadata on satellite.


After successful metadata generation clean cache on client systems and try to  install/update packages, confirm whether it works or not.

- Ashish