Utilize Array-Based Snapshots with RHEV

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We have Hitachi Storage and would like to manage snapshots using the HDS functionality (in addition to RHEV's snapshot).  
Consider the following scenario:

Primary Database running on HDS1
Shadow Copy to HDS2
Multiple Snapshots are presented as several copies of the same data source

We have our primary database running on Tier 1 storage which is copied to another array.  We also have multiple developer groups which would like access to the same database.  Rather than making several "complete copies", we wish to have a solution where there is a single "base image" of the database and then each developer-group could have their own copy, or snapshot, to do what they wish.  When they are done, their snapshot is deleted.

Has anyone done something similar to what I have described?  Or, more importanly, has anyone mounted the array-based snapshot (in this case on an HDS array, which is QCOW2 I believe) to their RHEV environment?

Thanks in advance for any experience or leads to relevant docs.


At the moment, RHEV does not utilize array-side functionality directly, however, if you present a separate LUN that is in fact a snapshot, you can pass it into a VM as a directLUN normally, as long as device-mapper can detect this new LUN