V2V : Problem removing snapshots from VM's imported using virt-v2v

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I've hit a problem with virt-v2v which is causing me some issues.
When Importing a virt-v2v VM from the Export SD, it creates a zero field entry in the database.
Field "vm_snapshot_id" in table "images" is created with entry "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000". 
This causes problems if you later create and then attempt to remove a snapshot.

Removal of the snapshot reports error :-

Operation Canceled (sic)

- Cannot Merge Snapshot. VM's image does not exist
- Cannot Merge Snapshot. Removing the VM's active snapshot is not allowed.

This appears to be because this field should not contain duplicate entries.  
As reported in support case 00769525. Current solution is to set a random id for zero entry "vm_shapshot_id" in the images table.  


This has been fixed in virt-v2v-0.8.7-7.el6_3 and above above.

Please see http://rhn.redhat.com/errata/RHBA-2012-1468.html

"* Previously, when the virt-v2v utility was used to convert a virtual machine
(VM) from a foreign hypervisor (such as Xen or VMware) to Red Hat Enterprise
Virtualization, it set the vm_snapshot_id identifier of all disks of that VM
incorrectly. Consequently, various problems occurred while doing a large number
of tasks on this VM from the side of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. With
this update, a unique identifier is generated for each disk in the described
scenario, thus preventing this bug. (BZ#872496)"

Cool. Thanks Sadique.  I'll update the support case accordingly.

RH Support supplied a script to fix the zero entries which was applied at the weekend.  This has fixed the problem.

Also upgraded our v2v server with the latest virt-v2v.

Thanks again

Thanks, Rich! And for anyone else encountering this problem, here's the corresponding kbase solution: https://access.redhat.com/knowledge/solutions/130323