I have Problem whit new install

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Hi people

I have a Dell Poweredge 2700 whit RHEL 6.2 ok

But my client need other version to RHEL 4 ok

Well i download the RHEL 4.8 .iso to my server, 

Then i make a DVD whit the .iso to i download.

I try to intall whit boot in CD / DVD 

But the DVD dont open nothing, and i need to install the RHEL 4.8 

How can i do a install in my server 

I try to do in VirtualBox whit the RHEL .iso but dont past the test.

Please Help me 



There is some problem with the DVD that you are using.

1. Check the md5sum of the .iso image that you have downloaded

Please see https://access.redhat.com/knowledge/articles/142303

From https://rhn.redhat.com/rhn/software/channel/downloads/Download.do?cid=2875, you will find the md5sum of the .iso file. You can verify that the install image is not corrupt by running the command

/usr/bin/md5sum <name-of-iso-file>

The instructions to check the md5sum on a Windows system are also given on


Compare this with the value given on the above url.

If the md5sum values don't match, download the image again and verify.

2. Burn the image correctly

On Linux systems, please use the instructions at


On a Windows system, please use the instructions at



Now please try to install again and let us know if it works.

Best of luck !

In addition to the above comment:

Is that Dell PE 2700 ? (searching for the specs in the Dell website, I end up looking at the specs of Dell PowerEdge 2700W Rack UPS).

Just for your information:

RHEL 4 has already reached End of Life on February 29, 2012


If your customer is not aware, then please let him know.

Drivers shipped with RHEL 4 are quite old.. they might not be able to recognize PCI cards(NIC's, HDD's)

We would recommend you to use RHEL 6