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Please move this discussion if there's any better home for it :-)

But.. as I guess everyone that tried to use access.redhat.com have noticed that the webpage loading times makes you want to grash your teeth. If you want people to collaborate on this webpage, I suggest you fix that. Have people test it from the different continents as well. I'm accessing via Europe (Sweden). :-)

These loading times are bad publicity, as it makes you think that if Red Hat can't get a webpage with acceptable loading times, probably using RHEL and possibly JBoss - then those products has some fundamental performance issues. I'm guessing that's not the case.. and you are Red Hat.. so.. fix it ;-)

I'd rather have access.redhat.com performing like Facebook or Google+ than RHEL7 at this point, it's pretty bothersome, especially as when you get here, you often have some issue that needs fixing :-)


Hi Magnus,

I'm moving this to the Customer Portal group as that's the right place for it. Thanks for the feedback on this issue. I don't think we've had widespread problems with loading times, but some users are certainly reporting issues (eg https://access.redhat.com/discussion/rh-customar-portal-really-slow

Are there specific areas of the site you're noticing problems with, or is it all of access.redhat.com?

Hello David,

No, it's equaly bad all over the place. I can't remember when a page loaded faster than 3 seconds. Some times it's +10 seconds, more often when you do something like post here or create a ticket.

I'm on a gigabit link to the Internet and I don't have issues with other webpages. Also,  I'm not sure I ever talked to anyone about access.redhat.com without them pointing out how very slow it is. For a comparison, how long does it take for this page to load for you? For me it takes +3 seconds every time..

When I worked with monitoring of web based services before, I remember +3 seconds responses from a webpage where considered to borderline on an outage - due to many humans experiencing actual stress when a page takes that long to load. 

When I pressed "Save" on the above reply, it took aprox 20 seconds for the page to load so that I could see the reply. That felt normal.

If you want to test loading times from Europe even Sweden, then you can ask jbroman or pgustafs at your Stockholm office to check :-)

That definitely sounds like a nuisance.

From my home (adsl2+) connection in Australia, this page is taking less than 2 seconds to load each time, with a few pages (eg new support case page) taking longer, ~5 seconds. I'm going to reach out to one of my colleagues who may be able to investigate the performance problem in more detail. If you have the time to help troubleshoot the issue, you might also like to submit a support case as Chris suggests in this discussion.

Mine took around 8 seconds. Definitely room for improvement, but not quite as slow.

Hi Magnus - thanks for raising this. We are aware of -- let's call them opportunities for performance enhancement and we have a few initiatives on the way. First, we're implementing a robust clustered caching solution to speed up a good portion of the CMS content on this site, mainly the Knowledgebase and, in the future, these discussion Groups. Once this nears production I can promise you will hear about it :-)

Second we are pushing out a substantial update to our case mangement infrastructure which makes much better use of back-end resources. As such, we expect faster page load times in the case management UI as you interact with our support team via the web.

Third we are revamping major portions of our browsing infrastructure for Kbase pages like solutions and articles. The new pages will provide better filtering and search capability and also be sped up by at least and order of magnitude.

All that said, I'd like to have subsecond page loads but I'm not entirely disappointed with 2-3s. 5-10 or more is definitely outside of what I'd consider acceptable and we are well aware of it. Thanks for hanging around and staying engaged - folks like you make this a great community!

Just a quick follow up to let everyone know that we pushed a release to production yesterday (8 Jan, 2013) which has shaved about 2.5 seconds off the load time for most support case related pages. Additionally, the new code scales better so in times of heavy load, users will see less negative impact.

Thanks for following the discussion!

Thanks for the update, Chris!

Thanks! Now many pages are really much quicker.

Though, it would be sensible for relatively static pages to load faster than others. At the moment, I am experiencing good load times with pages under Knowledge section, but Downloads are still horrible.

Thanks for the follow-up, Tair. I'm glad to hear you've seen some reduction in load times. Improvements are definitely an ongoing process, so stay tuned.

I can also verify some reduction in loading time. Thanks for your hard work.

Though, returning to this page after having clicked the "save" button for the above post below took 19 seconds.

It's going to be a bit longer until we circle back to the CMS/Discussion based pages but it is absolutely on our road map. We have a clustered cache (hint hint) in our development envioronment and are working on the release plan. Lots of testing and tuning, as you can imagine.

Thanks for the feedback Chris. I hope you are able to release quickly as I'd guess it's effecting how likely it is that a person becomes an active participant in the different discussion forums.

I couldn't agree more, Magnus. The usability of the platform is a big contributor to the success of the community. Keep up the useful feedback. Thanks!