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I'm looking for some information as to how I can get better resolution to fill the screen on an HP monitor I have. Nothing in the available disply preferences will do anything better than 1024x768. The monitor is an HP w2338h. The monitor shows "Unknown" and clicking "Detect Monitors" does nothing.

Thanks for the help.



Hi Geoff,

Again, this discussion is probably better for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Getting Started groups, which you can join here:

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I'll move this discussion in there now, and hopefully someone can help you out with this issue.

Hi Geoff,

You should be able to get the list of supported resolutions by running the 'xrandr -q' command (from an X session). That will give us an idea of the possible resolutions that you can switch to. By default X (if the proper drivers are available) tries to run in the maximum display resolution available.

It will also help to know what display driver/hardware you are using.




Hello Geoff,

Which RHEL you are using?

If you are using RHEL 6 and facing this issue, try generating a xorg.conf file in the system and check the resolution over there.

Refer -

After moving the xorg.conf to /etc/X11 try restarting the X server by using following command.

# init 3

# init 5

Now check the resolution is correct or not, if still you are not satisfied with the resolution you may change the same from xorg.conf.

Let us know whether it helps :)