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RHEL blends the best and the most-sought-after functionality into a stable, Enterprise-ready solution.  The scope of what's "in the box" can be staggering: everything you might need to run a business from webservers, identity management, infrastructure management to email and many things in-between are bundled in.  While that's a ton of stuff, sometimes it's not enough for every organization's specfic needs. 


What's great about Open Source, is the fact that you can change things to suite YOUR unique use-case.  One way our community enhances the RHEL-experience is the Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL) to augment new and more cutting-edge functionality.  Part of the Fedora project, and not officially supported by RH, these add-ons can increase the power of your technology, and oftentimes can respresent functionailty our Enterprise customers demand and that might eventually get sucked into RHEL as new or supported offerings.


The following article talks about using EPEL with RHEL:


   How to use Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL) ?



but we'd really like to hear if YOU are using anything out of EPEL and how it helps your business?


Yubikey support - Both validation servers as well as the pam-yubico module for starters...

Openbox. The best desktop environment ;)

has multihead support been added to openbox? Or its one window spanning all monitors as it used to be?

And you are right, there are no minimalist window managers in RHEL at the moment.

networkmanager vpnc plugin.... 

I have the RHEL 6 vpnc epel package installed on my RHEL 6.9 Alpha 2 :D)

Ah I'm not sure, I gave up on multi-monitors a fair few years ago.

You can get some pretty tiny window borders for Metacity, have a browse around gnome-look.org, though that just gives the appearance of being minimal, not actually running minimal software ;)

There are heaps of minimal WMs in EPEL (fluxbox, icewm, ratpoison, pekwm, etc) but you're right, none in RHEL. That's to be expected though, I wouldn't call running a minimal desktop environment an enterprise need.

Jamie, I personally use dwm (http://dwm.suckless.org/). All the code is 20Kb, with the only dependency on xlib. xmonad and awesome bring with them lot's of dependencies, which must also be taken somewhere and supported. 

I can't thing of anything that I miss from gnome/fluxbox etc.

ratpoison had the same issue as openbox not supporting multihead out of the box. I am sure there are some workarounds, but I don't like workarounds.

I am surprised that you don't use multiple monitors. You should give it another try. There is much less context switching when you have 3 monitors in front of you.  It's a matter of productivity. And monitors are cheap these days.

Oh excellent.  I bet that's really helpful getting in and getting work done!