Best practice of JBoss EAP patching (zip)

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I am looking for a Best Practice on how to patch JBoss EAP6 in zip version ?


I am well aware of the benefits of running rpm updates via yum. 

This system will however due to customer desissions be running on CentOS and not RHEL6




There are no Best Practices on how to apply patches to JBoss EAP 6. Note, the following does not apply to security fixes which you can download from the Customer Portal. 


The reason patches we do not have a process set out for this is because patches should only ever be applied if you are actually experiencing that issue in your environment. We create one off patches as a last resort and thus, you should only apply them likewise. Saying that, the "best practice" in my words would be "do not apply patches if you don't actually them".


If you are experiencing an issue and you think a patch that is available fixes it feel free to apply it. All our patches will come with Install Instructions and if for any reason something is not clear then feel free to reach out to us and we can verify any questions around any issues/patches you have.





Thank you for the response.

Did a manual upgrade from the definitions in each file. Made a copy of the patched jboss eap 6 directories and copied them to the servers I needed them at.